Recipes This Week

  • Vegetable lab with coconut rice

    With Jasmine Rice
    Sweet and spicy both, this dish is surely going to tickle your taste buds. The sautéed mushroom and broccoli gives it lot of health benefits. Rice with little flavour of coconut milk powder makes it even yummier; to give a little kick to this dish we have added spicy marinated carrot. Try this dish and enjoy variety of flavours in a single plate.

  • Thai Paste with Coconut Curry

    With Jasmine Rice
    Flavours of Thai cuisine are very significant. Their strong aromatic component makes them more delicious. In this dish we have used lot of fresh green chillies and to balance the hot flavour, we are using sweet potato and coconut milk powder which gives the dish much needed cooling effect. Enjoy the richness of Thai aroma in this mouth-watering dish.