Recipes This Week

  • African Peanut Chicken

    With lettuce and jasmine rice
    African dish and their herbs will stimulate your taste bud. The richness and aroma will take you to a different world. In this dish you can enjoy flavour of peanuts that gives it sweet and aromatic character, the traditional spice will give a lift for sure. Coconut milk will give much cooling effect to the dish. Let’s start cooking this mouth-watering recipe.

  • Moroccan Chicken

    With prunes and brown rice
    Moroccan dishes are very exotic and layering of flavours does magic to their cuisines. In this dish you’ll enjoy three dominant flavours: tomatoes, dried fruit, and their warm spices. Sautéed carrot and brown rice will add its healthy quotient too. Just follow the instructions and enjoy finger licking dish.

  • Sesame Chicken

    With Jasmine Rice
    It’s a delicious treat to your taste buds. Being a fan of Asian dish one can’t miss it. We all know amazing health benefits of sesame and in this dish we are employing it to get most of it. Sesame seeds add much needed crunch to this dish. Jasmine rice makes it a wholesome meal and not to forget much needed bok choy that completes the dish in a perfect manner.